A Bespoke Tool to explore culture and leadership

Cultureview is a unique tool that maps each candidate’s competencies and cultural experience against the requirements of the role and the organisational culture of our clients.

Supporting diversity, equity and inclusive hiring, Cultureview focuses decision-making on a candidate’s capability instead of their background, previous experience and characteristics.

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What Does Cultureview Assess?

The assessment explores the depth and timeliness of experience required in a range of competencies important for corporate affairs, communications and broader leadership roles. It also evaluates our clients’ culture, aligning it with the expectations, experience and desired culture of potential hires.

A Rigorous Framework

Cultureview was developed in conjunction with leading employee experience consultancy Ipsos Karian and Box. The questions were developed through a systematic review of leadership frameworks from several large and mid-size organisations and uses behavioural science techniques to ensure an honest response from participants.

“Cultureview provided an added level of insight into each candidate we interviewed. It helped us to explore their suitability for the role and our suitability for the candidate in a more focused way. It really added value to an already thorough process.”

FTSE 100 Chief People Officer

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