Our sustainability journey

It’s been one year since we signed up to the SME Climate commitment through the SME Climate Hub.

As a company dedicated to being as sustainable and environmentally thoughtful as possible, we have offset our annual carbon emissions with immediate effect using the UN Approved My Carbon Plan project. My Carbon Plan is the only not-for-profit initiative dedicated to carbon offsetting in the UK, which plants trees in line with seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

One way we are reaching our goals is through education, we have been listening to and reading interesting material over the past year so we can fully understand what we need to action and how. Some of our favourites include the podcasts TED Climate, The EY Sustainability Matters podcast and the book How to Save The World for Free (purchased from certified B Corp bookshop.org if possible).

We have also worked on a number of senior sustainability roles this past year and made some great hires in the space. This has enabled us to expand our knowledge into what a great sustainability leader looks like, and the impact they can make. As we continue our sustainability work, we will help companies to hire the very best professionals to design, implement, deliver and communicate their very own sustainability plans.

One year on from the start of our sustainability journey, and like others, we are still learning and growing as an SME to understand the best ways we can have a positive impact both professionally and personally. We encourage other SMEs to take the necessary steps towards collectively achieving the bigger goal of tackling climate change.

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26th October 2023

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