Birchwood Knight 10th anniversary

Ten years ago this month I launched Birchwood Knight from my kitchen table in Islington. Soon afterwards, and taking advantage of the recession gripping the UK, I rented a bank of desks from a business that had downsized in otherwise unaffordable Mayfair.

During four years in those Old Bond Street offices, and against stiff competition, we grew the team and laid the foundations of the business.  Since moving to the City in 2013, we’ve continued to work hard and helped over 500 people to find their next corporate affairs job.

I’m particularly proud of our focus on getting it right for both the organisations we work with and the people we help.  This is borne out by the fact that more than 95% of the people we help find jobs stay with the organisation for at least two years.  I know this is a crude measure, but I hope it illustrates the point that we care about doing a good job ahead of making a quick buck.

I had wanted to publish a list of everyone who has helped Birchwood Knight along the way, but GDPR put paid to that. So I hope anyone reading this who has been a part of our journey will know how grateful I am.

And that’s not just the people who we helped to land their next job, or those working at the companies who employed them, all of whom are an incredibly important part of our story so far. It’s everyone who has worked here, offered their advice and even criticised (constructively and otherwise, there have been a few!). It’s the agency CEO who gave me not only his time but a brilliant piece of tactical advice that really helped me in those early days.  It’s the competitors striving to raise standards across the sector.  It’s my family.  My colleagues’ families.  All of these people and many more who have contributed to Birchwood Knight in some way, shape or form.

Thank you.

Wayne Reynolds, founder and Managing Director, Birchwood Knight


26th January 2019

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